Offer dates for MBA 2020-22 batch admission

Offer ListDate of Announcement of Offer ListStatusLast date of payment of Acceptance Fee Last date of Acceptance Confirmation
1st Offer List23-May-20Announced05-June-20 upto 6pm
05-June-20 upto 6pm
2nd Offer List05-June-20Announced09-June-20 upto 6pm
09-June-20 upto 6pm
3rd Offer List09-June-20Announced12-June-20 upto 6pm
12-June-20 upto 6pm
4th Offer List12-June-20Announced17-June-20 upto 6pm
17-June-20 upto 6pm
5th Offer List17-June-20Announced20-June-20 upto 6pm
20-June-20 upto 6pm
Supernumerary female list#1 18-June-20Announced22-June-20 upto 6pm
22-June-20 upto 6pm
6th Offer List20-June-20Announced24-June-20 upto 6pm
24-June-20 upto 6pm
Supernumerary female list#2 22-June-20Announced25-June-20 upto 6pm
25-June-20 upto 6pm
7th Offer List24-June-20Announced29-June-20 upto 6pm
29-June-20 upto 6pm
Supernumerary female list#3 25-June-20Announced30-June-20 upto 6pm
30-June-20 upto 6pm
8th Offer List29-June-20Announced02-July-20 upto 6pm
02-July-20 upto 6pm
Supernumerary female list#4 30-June-20Announced03-July-20 upto 6pm
03-July-20 upto 6pm
9th Offer List03-July-20Announced07-July-20 upto 6pm
07-July-20 upto 6pm
Supernumerary female list#5 03-July-20Announced07-July-20 upto 6pm
07-July-20 upto 6pm
10th Offer List07-July-20Announced10-July-20 upto 6pm
10-July-20 upto 6pm
Supernumerary female list#6 07-July-20Announced10-July-20 upto 6pm
10-July-20 upto 6pm
11th Offer List10-July-20Announced15-July-20 upto 6pm
15-July-20 upto 6pm
Supernumerary female list#7 10-July-20Announced15-July-20 upto 6pm
15-July-20 upto 6pm
12th Offer List15-July-20Announced18-July-20 upto 6pm
18-July20- upto 6pm
Supernumerary female list#8 15-July-20Announced18-July-20 upto 6pm
18-July-20 upto 6pm
13th Offer List18-July-20Announced21-July-20 upto 6pm
21-July-20- upto 6pm
Supernumerary female list#9 18-July-20Announced21-July-20 upto 6pm
21-July-20 upto 6pm
14th Offer List28-July-20Announced31-July-20 upto 6pm
31-July-20- upto 6pm
15th Offer List03-Aug-20Announced05-Aug-20 upto 6pm
05-Aug-20- upto 6pm
16th Offer List10-Aug-20Announced12-Aug-20 upto 6pm
12-Aug-20- upto 6pm
17th Offer List12-Aug-20Announced14-Aug-20 upto 6pm
14-Aug-20- upto 6pm
18th Offer List13-Aug-20Announced16-Aug-20 upto 6pm
16-Aug-20- upto 6pm

Disclaimer for the MBA Admission Offer
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